Best Decison

Having Shappily Manage my rental space was the best decision my husband I made for our basement. For years we’ve had this basement pilled up with nothing but junk. When I was approached by ben who told me that he could rent my space out for me and help generate income, at first I thought he was crazy as there was nobody in the world that would pay to stay here. I was wrong after only a week my space was completely transformed. Guest were checking in and commenting how much they loved the space. My husband I I are happy as the basement now brings us $1000 consistently every month.


“I Can’t Believe It”

My Little room on the first floor is now generating more than $600 per month. what! I never even acknowledged this space as a room before. Since SHappily Came in and Started managing the space, it is professionally cleaned 3 to 4 times per week. The best part is that they do this for free, we are actually making more while having someone clean out space. What a Win!

— Katie


The Best Decision I’ve made as a landlord is to let Shappily manage My Property. I’m Earning an Income while preserving my property.

— Joy


“My Basement now pays My Mortgage”

My Mortgate is covered, thanks to Shappily

— Raneeka

“Free Advise”

who who refuse this, these guru charge so much for training an consulting. I was able to sit with ben for an hour where he provided free advise on how to earn more income with my property.



“Top, Notch Service”

Shappily is very transparent with communication and information about my property. They provide excellent customer service. I can always get in contact with someone when I call.

— Miguel

“Customer FeedBack”

I Stayed at a Shappily Rental when On a business trip to MD. They was one of the best host I’ve ever encounter as they had excellent communication. They made sure that I was comfortable and welcomed. The space had free/ fast wifi, comfortable office space, usb charger, alexa and all the bells and whistle I needed.

— Wackene


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